Our Block

We have a lot of house, and not much dirt. I’m trying to make the most of the little bit I do have. Hopefully this diagram will help make sense of the positions of things.

You can see that our backyard is pretty tiny, and the huge lilli pilli tree along the North-west fence shades a large portion of what I do have.

Bed A (Raised) – Veggies

Bed B – Green manure in winter,  veggies insummer. Also rhubarb.

Bed C – Whoops!

Bed D (Raised) – veggies

Bed E (Raised)- various veggies

Bed F (Raised)- Most of this bed is in full shade through the winter. Currently full of Japanese pumpkins that are sprawling onto the lawn.

Bed G – My banana tree and other seasonal veggies.

Bed H – Passionfruit and seasonal veggies

Shadehouse – now converted into a chicken coop!

Fruit Trees Bed – Black Mulberry, Dwarf satsuma mandarin, dwarf navelina orange, 3 dwarf apples.

Rose Bed – under discussion – I hate maintaining it – do we keep it?