About Us

I’m a mother of 3 in my mid-thirties. My family and I recently moved from an apartment on the leafy north shore to a house in the Ryde area of Sydney, Australia. As apartment dwellers, we were eco-terrorists who couldn’t be bothered recycling. These days we’re harvesting rainwater, growing food and loving life on our 500 square metres. I still can’t be¬†bothered¬†vacuuming.

This blog is about my bumbling efforts to grow food and live more sustainably.

The rest of my family consists of:

P: Computer nerd, wannabe handyman, the most awesome husband and father I could wish for.

J: 6 years old, precocious, loves Star Wars, “tall enough to go on a roller coaster”.

D: 4 years old and stubborn. Obsessed by anything jet powered and has an imaginary friend called Steve.

Little T: Loves bananas.