Harvest Monday – 24 February 2014 (and what is this plant?)

This week was all about okra, cherry tomatoes, snake beans and lettuce. The okra production has finally picked up, and I’m blanching and freezing okra a few times per week.


The broad ripple yellow currant tomatoes are producing regularly and the snake beans are producing well now too. I have lots of eggplant and chillies still on the plants, so I’ll need to pick those soon.

But I’ve continued to be intrigued this week by my mystery plant. It’s finally flowering and setting fruit – it looks completely bizarre to me – any ideas?DSC_1135-Edit


DSC_1137-EditFor more harvests,head over to Daphne’s


9 Comments on “Harvest Monday – 24 February 2014 (and what is this plant?)

  1. Yay Maree! I think you’re right – that’s exactly what it looks like! But now I’m left wondering why I have a horned melon (that I didn’t plant) growing in my front yard. Do I have a practical joker in my neighbourhood? :)

  2. Did you plant cucumbers or melons there? Sometimes the seed companies mix up seeds. It wouldn’t be the first time. It would be a strange mix up though. Or maybe someone was eating one as he walked by and spit the seed out in the garden. What a strange mystery.

  3. Maybe a bird deposited the seed? It sure does look like a horned melon. It will be interesting to see it when it matures.

  4. Wasn’t sure if my previous comment went through or not – but those look like gherkins possibly. I can’t wait to see how they develop…I just love garden surprises!

  5. That’s definitely african horned melon. It took over my garden beds last year and I personally didn’t think the fruits were worth it. Super prickley and took forever to ripen.

  6. I had that African horned cucumber or Kiwano come up in my garden in Western Sydney for a couple of years so I just pull it out when I see it now. It’s a real pest and not very pleasant to eat….I got it after getting some garden soil from a garden centre so not sure if it came from there. I have photo’s of the fruit on my pinterest page “My Australian Garden”

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