Harvest Monday – 10 February 2014

More summery harvests this week, but only those crops that can stand the heat.

First up, eggplant.


The harvest has been slow, but enough to make a batch of babaganoush for our dinner tonight. Kinda fancy-looking apart from the Ikea meatballs in the middle (keeping it real!)

Also used in dinner was basil, potato onions, tomatoes and rocket flowers.



I have also been picking loads of Bishop’s cap chillies. I’ve been drying them (in my Aldi dehydrator) for chilli flakes.


The lettuce that I’ve been growing in the self watering pot has been delicious, but most of the plants have bolted now. We ate this huge bowlful for lunch in an egg and lettuce salad with grainy croutons and caper/mustard dressing.


And the exciting harvest for the week is my crop of potato onions! Total harvest was just over 1.2 kilos once trimmed – 37 bulbs.  This was just about the yield that I hoped for when I planted them. I had a small one in our salad with dinner, but the rest will be divided and replanted for new year’s crop.



That’s all for this week. Head over to Daphne’s to see what other people have been harvesting.

7 Comments on “Harvest Monday – 10 February 2014

  1. Congratulations on the potato onion harvest. I’ve been looking out for dehydrators at Aldi as I heard they have them periodically but sadly I haven’t shopped at the right time yet. I love egg and lettuce salad yet its ages since I made it – something to be rectified this week I think.

    • Thanks Liz – I was very pleased with them. I think Next year I might get enough to actually eat :) I’ll let you know if I see the dehydrators coming up at Aldi again.

  2. Bring on the rain, not just this fine mist. I want solid soaking downfall please!☔️

  3. The lettuce looks so lovely, especially for the middle of summer. And I love the potato onions. We have some perennial onions in our yard, but I never really eat them. I consider them my townhouse mates’ onions as they came from one of their uncles. We planted them right near the bike shed in the front yard so they could pick them when they come in the house.

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