Tuesday Night Vego – Cabbage and Apple Braise with a Potato Pancake

I’ve been testing out cabbage recipes that the kids might actually eat. Last week we had corn and cabbage fritters that went down a treat, and tonight I thought I’d incorporate some apple into a braised cabbage dish, because every kid likes apple – right? Just to make the dish even more likely to please I thought I’d add a German-style potato pancake (Kartoffelpuffer) and some apple sauce.

The photograph isn’t much to look at, but I thought it was tasty. The braise recipe came from here, although I changed the caraway seeds to fennel seeds, increased the cider vinegar and added some white sugar.

The potato pancake recipe came from here. I will make the pancakes again – they were particularly good and the method was something that I hadn’t seen before. It involved draining water from the grated potato but retaining the starch and adding it back into the pancake mix.

So the verdict?

The 4 year old ate practically none of it, and the 2 year old ate the pancake then refused to even try the cabbage.

When I insisted that he try a mouthful, he ate it, gave me a defiant look, then puked it all up again into his lap. It was intentional.

What did I do to deserve a kid who can vomit at will?

For more quick vegetarian meal ideas (and ones your kids may actually eat) visit Linda

5 Comments on “Tuesday Night Vego – Cabbage and Apple Braise with a Potato Pancake

  1. These Kartoffelpuffer look a lot like a Ukrainian dish I grew up eating… called it “tertjuh”. Eat it with a generous dollop of sour-cream… YUM!

  2. Sorry I can’t stop laughing at the vommit story, very funny and personally I’m amazed my two year old hasn’t tried this trick. We had corn fritters last night, no cabbage though and I have to say even Miss almost 6(who is a pretty good eater) struggles with cabbage unless heavily disguised.

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