Harvest Monday – 27th February 2012

Quite a bounty this week. If the garden produced this much year-round then I think I could could be self-sufficient.

2.5 kilograms of edamame soybeans

The kids love these boiled and salted (japanese style) as a snack. I blanched and froze them yesterday. This is only the first of my 2 crops, so I hate to think how many I’ll have in the freezer by the end of Autumn!

Our first 4 eggs!

The girls started to lay this week. The first egg was a whopping 56 grams (1.98 ounces) and the second even bigger – 60 grams (2.11 ounces). The third and forth were much smaller (40 grams, 1.41 ounces) so I suspect that we have 2 layers on our hands, and they have both reached the point of lay this week.

2 cups parsley and 2/3 cup chives

Used in a dish here

1/2 cup coriander

Used in various dishes, including Cajun chicken and chunky salsa

Sprig of Oregano

In the same dish as the coriander

800g Green Dwarf Beans

I just can’t believe how much these bushes are producing. I’m almost to 3 kilograms picked now and they are still going. I’ve now planted a follow-up crop, because I just can’t be without them.

2.2 kilograms Lebanese Eggplant

I’ve learned a lot about cooking eggplant this year, but my favourite recipe has been the baba ganoush. My friend Karen took 500g of these home with her on Wednesday, and I’ll be making more babaganoush for freezing this week.

8 kilograms of tomatoes

Unfortunately only 3 kilograms were viable. The other 5 were thrown to the chickens, stung by fruit fly. So disappointing. I’ve bought more exclusion bags to better protect the remaining crop.

3 Carrots

Used in dinner tonight, which I’ll post on shortly.

2 Figs

My fig tree is only a baby. It set three fruit this year, just enough for a taste.

100 grams Mulberries

The autumn crop is in full swing on our small dwarf tree. The kids eat these as fast as they ripen, but I estimate that they’ve eaten about 100 grams.

That’s it for this week’s harvest. Head over to Daphne’s Dandelions to see other great harvests from around the world. I’ll post again shortly with tonight’s weight-loss recipe.

22 Comments on “Harvest Monday – 27th February 2012

  1. Wow! I am envious! Especially of your edamame. Aren’t bush beans great? They seem to produce quicker than the climbers and just keep comming. Enjoy the feed.


  2. I had my first fig this week too, but as I took it from a tree overhanging our back alley I didn’t think I could count it, as I didn’t grow it. It was good though. That’s a lot of eggplant!

  3. I can’t wait until my baby fig produces. I think with our different climate it will only produce on older branches. The new branches just won’t have time. It tried to fruit for me its first year (and I put it in as a 15cm transplant), but it set so late. There was no way it could ripen in time. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to do it here. Supposedly it is possible.

    Love the edamame too. I’ve yet to grow them, but it seems like such a good crop.

  4. What an amazing harvest! Wonderful! Congrats on your first eggs! What variety of edamame are you growing? I’ve just ordered my first batch of soy beans and am excited to see how they do this year :-)

    • To be honest Melissa, I’m not exactly sure. They are labelled Soybean ‘edamame’, so a variety selected for fresh eating. I think Americans have much more choice in soybean varieties than us here in Australia.

  5. What a beautiful harvest, as always I’m super jealous, we had 3 inches of snow earlier this week!!

    • Michelle, your Californian climate is much the same as ours, so surely it can’t be long? My fig is only 1 year since purchase as a young tree, so this is only its first full Summer (with me).

  6. We have a giant mulberry tree in our backyard. The birds eat most of them. I have to say I’d rather eat some of our other fruits, like blackberries or blueberries. Beans are hard to beat! I plant the bush types for early harvest and pole types for freezing.

    • I had one next door as a child too. So many memories! I really like them personally, and wish I had space for a full-size tree. I’d particularly like to make some mulberry jam once I have enough, but seeing as I plan to keep the tree pruned to about 1.5 metres tall, I can’t imagine that I’m ever going to have a huge excess. Maybe I need to freeze them as I pick then make the jam later?

  7. I will probably give edamame a try next year, I didn’t order any seed for this year and I”m trying to keep further expenses down at the moment. Love your little girl with the egg, she looks so excited!

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